Your questions

Your Questions

"How much compensation will I receive?"

The level of compensation is completely dependent upon the medical evidence, therefore we are unable to predict the amount you will receive when we take your case on. However, at some point you will attend a medical examination, and when we receive the medical report we will then send you our opinion of how much your claim is worth.

"Will I have to attend a medical?"

Yes. When we feel it is appropriate, we will arrange a medical examination with an independent doctor. This appointment will be local to you so you will not have to travel very far to attend. You can include the cost of the travel within your claim.

"Do Amelans specialise in any other area of law?"

No, we only handle personal injury cases.

"Do I have to attend the solicitor’s office?"

No. We are a national firm and have personnel and agents all over the country. We will visit you in your home or place of work, if you wish.

"Can I claim for additional losses / out of pocket expenses?"

You are entitled to claim for all losses incurred as a direct result of your accident. This includes loss of earnings, loss of future earnings, taxi fares, damage to clothing, cost of care etc

"How much will the case cost me?"

Amelans work on a “no win, no fee” basis. Our representative will discuss this with you in detail. A policy of insurance is available just in case your case is unsuccessful.

"I am not sure if I have a claim."

Each case is different, so our lawyers will assess each case on an individual basis. If you have no case… then we will tell you. It is not in your interest or our interest to run a case that we do not feel will succeed.

"What if my injury occurred 18 months ago?"

Generally you have three years from the date of injury to make a claim. If the accident involved a minor (under 18) then the three years does not start until the minor’s 18th birthday. There are other exceptions to this three-year rule, which we can advise on when instructed.

"How long will the claim take?"

This will depend entirely upon the circumstances of the case. A simple road traffic accident can be settled within a matter of months, whereas more serious injuries take longer. It would be inappropriate to settle your case, before we can anticipate your full recovery time. Once we have carried out initial investigations into your case, we will be in a better position to anticipate how long it will take. You can be assured that Amelans will not delay your claim.

"Is Amelans a firm of solicitors, or an accident management company?"

We are a firm of solicitors with a national reputation in personal injury. We do not employ “middlemen”, nor do we try to sell you loans or credit.