Amelans have won groundbreaking cases that have set new standards in personal injury law.

Benchmark Cases

Callery v Gray – the most important case in recent personal injury litigation, which concluded at The House of Lords with the Lords rejecting the insurer’s attempt to evade full payment to the injured party.

Sarwar v Alam – we succeeded at The Court of Appeal to overturn an attempt by the insurers to force the injured party to use the negligent defendant’s insurance policy!

Ahmed v Powell – we proved to The Supreme Courts Costs Office that the insurer’s method of attempting to reduce the money payable to the injured party was unlawful. Amelans resurrected a law from the year 1275!

Dunn v Ward – we succeeded in another Court of Appeal case to fight the insurer’s technical arguments, which were designed to defeat the “No Win No Fee” service and thus the client’s access to justice.


As a result of our working practices, over the years we have received the following awards: