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Mrs Thorpe from St Austell

Mrs Thorpe was injured following an accident involving a tractor and trailer. She suffered injuries to her face and abdomen.
“I was very dubious about trying to claim at all after my accident even though I considered myself not to be at fault.After finding myself considerably ‘out of pocket’ a work colleague recommended that I contacted Amelans for a preliminary discussion to see how I stood. After my initial approach a representative contacted me and we discussed at length what had happened. He thought I had a good case and sent a more local representative to take a formal statement. Amelans were courteous at all times and kept me well informed of what was happening even if it was only to say that they were waiting for replies from the other side. Amelans have been very efficient from start to finish in obtaining a very satisfactory settlement.

I am extremely grateful to them and will have no hesitation in recommending their services in the future.”