Police dog in training

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Police Dogs are highly trained,  carefully selected, intelligent animals but they are also potentially dangerous.

They are taught to think for themselves to respond to situations and, like humans  can and do get it wrong.

When they do the consequences are often serious   It is well recognised that by nature and training, in certain circumstances  Police dogs will  bite, and bite hard.  If the dog is an Alsatian, as is often the case,  it  is likely to be severe.

Whether as a direct use of force or otherwise, the deployment of Police dogs is highly regulated, from the guidance issued by ACPO down to individual Local Police Forces.

The Police are responsible for ensuring  public safety and the use of dogs use can only be justified by reference to stringent criteria.  When it goes wrong they are required to have procedures in place to record and investigate incidents but succeeding in such claims requires specialist knowledge, experience and perseverance which is exactly what our specialist lawyers have, gained over many years of bringing such claims.

Liability is invariably denied in claims against the Police.. To succeed you need an outfit knowledgeable and tough enough to go the full distance;  to be prepared to  go to trial and Appeal where the case warrants it.

(The authorities like to keep these matters out of the public domain but from the limited information in the three years up to 2013 Police Forces paid out a total of £770,000; GMP being the highest at £180,00  with the Met second at £95,000. Most forces don’t break their figures down but they do these include claims by Police officers and `innocent’  bystanders from pensioners to young children from joggers to people in the perceived safety of their own homes.

The Police and their lawyers know the law and the system. You need someone who can level the playing field.  We have a proven track record of doing precisely that.

Contact the specialists not the generalists.