Cosmetic Surgery / Beauty Treatment Claims

Cosmetic surgery compensation claims have risen dramatically over the last 10 years as more cosmetic surgery procedures are being undertaken in the UK than ever before. There has been an increase in less reputable surgeons who either mislead patients or harm through inexperience or neglect. There is also a lack of regulation in the UK regarding non-invasive procedures such as laser hair removal or dermal fillers. These can be carried out by individuals with little training and knowledge. When a patient is physically or psychologically injured following cosmetic surgery or feels they were not fully informed of the possible risks then there may be a claim for compensation.

At Amelans we have the skills and experience to deal with cosmetic surgery compensation claims and have won cases against cosmetic surgeons, clinics and beauty salons.

Common cosmetic surgery procedures that can produce complications:

Complications caused by negligent cosmetic surgery can include

The cost of negligent surgery will also be physical and psychological as well as financial but our team at Amelans can provide all the support you will need at what is often a distressing time, giving you advice and guidance from experts in this area of personal injury law.