Equine Accident?

With just over 4 million people regularly riding horses in Britain each year it’s not surprising that equine related accidents are becoming more common. Equine law is complex and confusing. It is specialist area which requires expert and experienced handling.

Some will consider horse riding to be a dangerous sport. At Amelans we disagree – it is a risk sport where sensible riding reduces this risk. However, no matter how sensible a rider might be, accidents may still happen and if these accidents are caused by someone’s negligence then you could be entitled to compensation.

Due to the nature of horse riding, the accidents that do occur can often be severe requiring long periods of recovery. At Amelans we understand that this can be a traumatic time for you and our equine experts will handle your claim for compensation sympathetically and professionally leaving you time to recover without the need for you to worry.

The types of accidents that can occur involving horse riding are:

For more information on this subject please visit our dedicated website www.equineaccident.com

The sooner you contact us, the clearer the facts will be in your mind. This will help to give us the best possible start when we investigate your claim.

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