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Many thousands of people in the UK choose to travel by aeroplane each year whether it be for business or holiday purposes. Despite the fact that air travel is quoted as being the safest form of travel, accidents whilst on board or during the course of boarding or disembarking can still happen and it is possible to claim compensation.

Conventions for air travel

Due to the international nature of air travel, accidents on commercial aircraft are usually covered by international conventions. The Montreal Convention 1999 has now been included in UK law, under the Carriage by Air Acts Order 2002. This convention covers all the accidents that occur from the process of boarding to disembarkation and states that an airline is strictly liable for the injuries as a result of an accident that occured on board an aircraft.

How do I prove negligence?

Negligence does not necessarily need to be probed against the airline provided an injury has occurred and this falls within the defination of an accident. A claim for an injury can be made in a Claimant’s home country, the country where the flight landed or the home country of the airline. There can be significant differences between aviation and general accident claims – the most important of these being the time periods for making aviation injury claims, which are narrower than in UK domestic legislation.

What next?

Given the unique intricacies with aviation injury claims, it is important to seek specialist legal advice.

Amelans has a wealth of experience and understanding in handling aviation injury claims and has set up a dedicated team to deal with these claims. You can be sure that your case will be dealt with by an expert solicitor in the field.