Mobile friendly sites launched

Amelans Solicitors have now optimised their websites for mobile viewing. The days of having a website targeted solely at desktop or laptop environments are over. Statistics are regularly produced to show that there is a significantly increasing number of users who now access websites from a variety of mobile devices.

From customer feedback it became clear that the mobile users of Amelans websites did not like pinching, scrolling and squinting their way around the sites with buttons and site navigation that was too small and close together making it difficult to access information.

The newly optimised site is now formatted specifically so that it fits neatly on a phone screen giving a much improved viewer experience. The site is now easier and faster to access from mobiles with a limited need for scrolling and switching between pages and features such as ‘click to call’ buttons making the desired action very easy for mobile users.

Andrew Twambley, Senior Partner at Amelans, commented, “Client care is paramount at Amelans and we want to make the process of finding out about making accident claims as easy as possible for people visiting our sites. With the growing importance of mobile devices and the diversity of access it brings, we realised it was vital for us to think smarter about how we enable visitors to engage with our sites. A negative overall mobile experience with a site could have a detrimental impact on the overall perception of the company. Our investment in this technology will make it easier and faster for mobile phone users to access the information or guidance they might require when considering making a compensation claim with Amelans”.

The newly optimised sites are:






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