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Despite the fact that air travel is quoted as being the safest form of travel, accidents can still happen and it is possible to claim compensation.

Due to the international nature of the aviation industry , accidents on aeroplanes are usually covered by international conventions. The most important of these is the Montreal Convention on International  Carriage By Air which covers all accidents that occur from the process of embarkation to disembarkation. There can be significant differences between  aviation and general accident claims which is why it is important to consult a specialist lawyer who will have dealt with similar claims many times before.

Apart from plane crashes, extreme turbulence and bad landings, some of the more common causes of injuries whilst aboard a plane are:

  • Falling baggage or objects from overhead lockers
  • Scalding from hot food or drinks
  • Slips falls or trips when boarding or departing an aircraft
  • Collision with a trolley
  • Food poisoning due to the airline catering company

At Amelans we have a specialist team for Aviation accident claims so if you have suffered an injury whilst aboard an aeroplane then contact us immediately for expert advice.