Amelans Dedicated Equine Accident Team

Amelans Solicitors based in Didsbury, Manchester, has set up a dedicated team to deal with horse riding accidents. With several members of their staff being involved in equestrian activities and having run numerous equine accident claims with notable success, it seemed prudent to set up a specialist team to deal with compensation for horse related injuries.

In particular, Andrew Twambley, Managing Partner of Amelans Solicitors, became interested in horses when his three daughters started riding from an early age. As the owner of four ponies and spending a large majority of his spare time driving to and from equine events, Andrew is well aware of the risks involved when pursuing horse riding as a sport.

Horse riding is undoubtedly a risk sport. This risk can be reduced by acting sensibly around horses but accidents will still happen. The main cause of equestrian injuries is horse riding itself, whether it be for competitive or pleasure reasons. However, injuries also happen to spectators at equestrian events or when a horse is involved in a road traffic accident. Whatever the injury or the cause it is essential that an experienced equine solicitor is used. Equine law or horse litigation is complex and specialist, requiring expert and experienced handling which we at Amelans are able to offer.