Down the drain

Andrew Twambley

Not only are my weekends taken up with pulling a  trailer between various Cheshire horse and pony events, and having to be in the presence of those stinky violent animals ( I much prefer my cat), but I also have to listen to horrible commercial radio stations belting out mindless, soulless, computer generated  tunes. Personally, I prefer 5 live, but at weekends, my darling daughters are in charge of the radio buttons. Listening to Justin Boober is bad enough, but I am also subjected to countless radio ads from lawyers grasping for business

Until April this year there were 2 or 3 regular ads which one could mentally block out. Now there is a barrage of terrible ads spouting the assets of a myriad of law firms looking to conquer the airwaves. my domain The referral fee ban has begun to bite as law firms realise that that they can no longer carry on paying for cases on a case by case basis. Some crafty salesman advisor have told these firms that the future is radio, so they have all signed away £1000s on ill thought out crass radio campaigns  that will doubtless crash and burn into the radio graveyard as resoundingly as crippled dodo carrying shopping.

Radio has never worked for me, but it has for others, but only those with a long term heavy duty, well thought out media plan. There is no point in putting your toe in the water. You need full immersion in the cold Atlantic ….until its  so cold, you get used to it and eventually it feels warm. One wonders if these firms will discover this too late,  once they realise just how much the leads have cost them.

To achieve a respectable acquisition cost, a radio ad needs to offer a free iPad or £1500.00 up front….and that’s just a starting point to attract the punter’s attention. No freebie = no chance, unless you have a radio brand that has been running for years. If you are going to proceed with the “money up front” etc, don’t forget to say that “Ts & Cs apply”, as we all know, these are empty promises aimed at attracting the vulnerable. Promises which further gutterize the image of solicitors below that of bankers or estate agents….soon we will appear below Pay Day Loan companies…heaven forbid!