How do you get the compensation you deserve?

Let Amelans take care of your compensation claim, so you can concentrate on getting your life back together. You can be sure that your claim will be in very good hands. We are a leading UK specialist in personal injury claims, and have won many benchmark cases and awards.

Has your case been turned away by other solicitors?

Amelans often take on (and win) difficult cases that many other solicitors don’t have the experience to win.

Are you worried about costs?

Amelans work on No Win No Fee agreements. If your case should be unsuccessful, through no fault of your own, there is nothing for you to pay.

A Guide to Tenancy Deposits

The PigLordIn almost all property rentals, your Landlord will take a rental deposit up front, which is usually one month’s rent.

The idea is to safeguard the Landlord against damage to his property or the tenant’s failure to pay the rent. The majority of Landlords act honorably in respect of the deposit following final inspection of the property.

Historically, some of the more unscrupulous Landlords tended to make it notoriously difficult for the tenant to achieve the return of their deposit.

Amelans solicitors have recently set up a department to battle such unscrupulous landlords and get back the money which is rightfully yours.

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